Feature Request: Make it more obvious how many calories something has per Gram

When im shopping for the day im like "ah alright ill get some tomatoes - tomatoes have around 80/12/8 or so...but wait...i dont actually know how many calories they have :("

here an example for what im looking for:
persimmons: 70% cal/g
tomato: 12% cal/g
steak: 160% cal/g
lemon: 29% cal/g
olive oil: 884% cal/g

these values can be calculated by looking into how many calories a certain food item has per 100 gram

so for the persimmons i now know "ah they have 70% of their weight in calories which means if i want to eat only persimmons today (for example) i will need their weight ~1.5 to make it to 2000 calories (70%*1.5 ~~ = 100%)

or for the steak example: if i want 500 calories from steak today ill have to eat 6/16th (3/8th) less than 500 grams (because 160% is 6/16th higher than 100%): 6/16 means ive to substract 37.75% ( which is a bit more than a third...so 500g-1/3 of 500 = ~333g (a bit less if i didnt cheat with rounding down to make it more simple)

okay admittedly that was a bit too technical to calculate right? :p....but i think u see the point

the good thing for this function: u dont actually have to add new information to the system - u simply have to re-write some visuals to make these values more obvious

i think a lot of ppl would appreciate this

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