Withings Smart Watch

I am just getting back to the keto diet since the covid started in February. Couldn't get the proper food and we had to cook for both my wife and I as well as our oldest daughter and her daughter who live with us. To make matters worse, over the last few months, I have been going through major oral surgery and won't have the permanent crowns and bridges in for another week or two. At that point I will be able to deal with keto, thank God. At this point, I am getting everything in order and want to sync everything with Cronometer. My current Fitbit scale is giving me all kinds of problems so I am going to by the Withings scale to replace the fitbit. That brought up the question of the Withings smart watch, does it also sync to Cronometer? Also there wireless blood pressure cuff? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Bob Ivey


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