Please let me set grams as the default units.

I weigh all my food before entering it. Nearly every single time I select a food item, I have to enter the Serving Size menu and select grams. This wastes an enormous amount of time. I'm finding Cronometer very helpful, but I really need to be able to set the default serving size to grams.


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    Yes please.....I would find this very helpful. :)

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    Yes please. Also kilojoules instead of calories

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    Having the option for kilojoules would be useful, as most countries outside the US set their dietary recommendations in terms of kilojoules.

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    @Kiashu Australia uses kJoules. Where else? UK and most of Europe I think use kCalories (not Calories as they are often called).

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    The default(s) for most choices should be settable options per user. EVERY database item needs to have a weight value. The simplicity of just using a scale and adding ingredients directly from the container is paramount for ease and accuracy. I am getting tired of having to make a copy of each database item and then add a weight value because the original entry did not have one. Cronometer should update every item in the database to ensure they all have a weight component.

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    edited July 2021

    We include the weight of a serving whenever it is available. Data from lab analyzed sources (NCCDB, USDA, NUTTAB, etc.) will always have a weight associated with it. I recommend using these sources whenever possible.

    Branded products with only volumetric measures given on the package are the tough ones to fill in when the manufacturer has not included the weight as well.

    Karen Stark
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