Multi-Select Feature has no DELETE/REMOVE capability. Why doesn't it?

I'm frustrated. One of the advantages of the phone app is supposedly the convenience of my alphabetized list of foods on the Multi-Select option. When I first started using this option, I loved it. Until the food list got so long that I realized there's little advantage, time-wise, to using the Multi-Select option over looking my foods up on the main database and entering them one-by-one into my meal! For example, I have eaten a food -- "Bin Bin, Rice Crackers" -- one time. Only one time. And yet I must now scroll through my list of foods on the Multi-Select option seeing those Bin Bins remain there --- seemingly forever! Having no option to DELETE a seldomly eaten food from the Multi-Select list makes that list get longer and longer...and makes me more irritated with the Cronometer app.

I have emailed Support asking why there is no way that I can DELETE/REMOVE my seldomly eaten foods from my Multi-Select list. The response I received was "Foods you rarely use should gradually go down the list as you log other foods!" This is not the case -- not when the list is alphabetized, anyway. Given the technology that's out there, how hard would it be to have a DELETE option included in the Multi-Select feature? I can, after all, DELETE a food I'd like to change from my main food/meal entries, but I cannot do this same action in the Multi-Select feature!

I was also told: "In the mobile app, you can also choose to display the most recent foods instead of the most frequently used foods by using the filter menu in the upper-right corner of the Add Food screen. You can learn more about our filters here:
https://cronometer.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360018955211-Mobile-Add-a-Food#h_136212595131545254817926." I was aware of this feature. I do not wish to use this feature. I like an alphabetical list of my foods. It's MY Multi-Select food list. I should be able to select to DELETE a food from MY list whenever I want. Please. Give me that option. A simple scroll to the left to show me a white trash can in the midst of a red band option signifying DELETE --- something I can do in my meal entry listings -- would make the app more efficient -- and me happier using the Cronometer app.

Am I the only Multi-Select user out there who is frustrated with this lack?

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