Doubtful data of mineral water

Until now I didn't realize the precision of nutrition data for mineral water. But after looking at several mineral water brands, I found, Mg is so little as 4.2 mg/L, but on Diary, Mg from mineral water is so much as 286 mg from 11 cup of 237g or about 2.6 L. Which brand of mineral water is this cronometer data based on?


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    Hi Flow,

    NCCDB foods are generally an average of popular brands in the USA.

    There are a couple of other options that don't have any magnesium in them:
    food #10095339, Sourcy, Mineral Water from NEVO
    food #10095481, Bar Le Duc, Mineral Water from NEVO

    Another option would be to edit a copy of one of the mineral waters in our database. You can edit the magnesium content and save it as a custom food to add to your diary.


    Karen Stark
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    Dear Karen,

    Thank you for the input, I made my custom entry. Mineral water market is so diverse and so many brands with different content. "Mineral" water is not natural anyway.

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