Request: Custom foods and recipes to become available for everyone and not only who created it

I started recommending the app to all my friends and Im helping them to get used to it. The biggest problem so far is taht our language is not supported by the app (portuguese-br) and we basically have no registered products with bracodes, no regionals foods and recipes. We gonna have to register them manually and make the library grows, Im doing that.

The thing is; theres an universal number for the foods and recipes created but no one besides its creator can see it in the database. Im supporting my friends accessing the site and logging with theirs accounts while they are using the app in their phones, and whenever I try to add a food i created with my account in their diary... I cant. There is no such food in the library theirs account have access to. Thats a huge problem for the app to grow, the food database is the core of it all, and with everyone needing to build their own libraries... Huge waste of time. Thats not the only one but its my main concern with the app right now, its what is holding me back from buying the premium account (the price seems worth, I liked it). It basically makes the app not practical to use for anyone living out of the USA. Take a look at it, see what can be done about that.



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    You can share your foods and recipes with friends.
    Go to the "Profile" tab.
    Click "Add friend" to start sharing foods and recipes.
    After successfully completing this procedure they can use your custom recipes and food items in their diary.

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    I will try that with one of them, Im not THAT much of a friend of the other ones, Im just trying to help them, so I dont want them able to track anything about me and my habits.

    Anyway, I think theres no reason to not make the foods added by users public and usable for everyone in the site, that will help building a solid library that will benefit everybody.

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    I just see now that this feature is for Gold Users only. The "Add Friend" one.

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    Hello @gxmc ,

    After creating custom foods for food products missing from our database, you can submit them to us for publication (using the gear menu in the top-right of the food editor).

    Additionally, you can scan the barcode with our barcode scanner feature in the mobile app which makes creating the custom food and submitting a bit easier.

    We have a curation team that has taken on the very huge task to keep up to date with the hundreds of label submissions we receive everyday. Every submission is thoroughly reviewed to ensure the accuracy of our database, so it might take a while before your submitted products become available in our public database.

    I should also add that the benefits of using Cronometer are better seen when logging generic foods into the food diary, due to their complete nutrient profiles. We are also planning on eventually adding some European databases to Cronometer.

    Like @Bruno suggested, a gold membership allows you to share your custom foods and recipes with friends. They won't be able to see your diary and other personal information ;).


    As always, any and all postings here are covered by our T&Cs:

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    I strongly support your efforts to keep the database clean and accurate. I have just moved to Chronometer from another app that allowed uncontrolled entry of user food data and it became useless as a nutrient tracking tool.

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