Nutrition info per meal?

I paid for Gold to get access to "categories" because what's really important to me is being able to see the nutritional breakdown per meal. I now have access to "Breakfast," "Lunch," etc. categories... but I cannot figure out how to access the data. When I click on them it just opens and closes an accordian menu. Surely it's not $40 to unlock a purely aestheric feature...? The actual category nutrients exist somewhere, right?

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    God almighty, I feel so old. I settled down before Tinder so I missed the beginning of the whole swipe left/right phenomenon and it's still not intuitive to look for things that way. I was tapping away like a monkey. Must remember to try "swiping." Thank you for your helpful answer. If you'll excuse me, it's time for my nightly glass of warm soy milk and a fresh hot water bottle that I've knit a cozie for.

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