Enable a day 'template' to be applied to all / selection of days


There are "Copy Previous Day" and "Copy Current Day" features that enable the copied entries to be pasted into other days. However the pasting (unless I am mistaken) can only be done into individual days. An implication is that if replication is desired for an entire week, month or year, that requires 7, 30, 365 actions.


Enable a day to be copy > pasted into a selection of days
Enable creation of a template that can be automatically populated into every day

Example in practice

Every day I am typically using the same 2 or 3 activity entries and some frequent food entries for things I eat almost daily (e.g. kefir). It is far faster for me to delete these when they are not relevant, or just set them to 0, than it is to add them via search, selection, addition etc.

I currently reduce the total logging burden by copying a day template containing activity, common food and note entries to every day. To do so however requires I repeat the copy and paste action for every day.


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