Water Tracker

I know you can enter water in the log but it a really water tracker is needed, all fitness/calorie apps have this.



  • Yessss!!!! I agree!!!

  • YES. Tracking water intake is just just as important as tracking food amounts and nutrients for anybody, but some of us need to be sure to drink a minimum amount of water (anyone who has had or does have kidney stones) or limit how much we drink (some heart conditions) or balance contradictory requirements. So it can be critical.

    And it needs to be in OZ, not grams! Or for people not in the USA, ML.


  • This is handled weirdly to me. Because they do have a water target it's just not easily seen.

  • I agree, water consumption is somewhat hidden in Cronometer. Why isn’t it a part of the macro graphic? I know that’s not the paradigm, but water tracking is as important as protein, carbs, and fat. At least give an option to have a water graphic at the top of the diary page, along with a widget, and watch graphic.

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