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I know you can enter water in the log but it a really water tracker is needed, all fitness/calorie apps have this.



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    YES. Tracking water intake is just just as important as tracking food amounts and nutrients for anybody, but some of us need to be sure to drink a minimum amount of water (anyone who has had or does have kidney stones) or limit how much we drink (some heart conditions) or balance contradictory requirements. So it can be critical.

    And it needs to be in OZ, not grams! Or for people not in the USA, ML.


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    This is handled weirdly to me. Because they do have a water target it's just not easily seen.

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    I agree, water consumption is somewhat hidden in Cronometer. Why isn’t it a part of the macro graphic? I know that’s not the paradigm, but water tracking is as important as protein, carbs, and fat. At least give an option to have a water graphic at the top of the diary page, along with a widget, and watch graphic.

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    Let's bring this request back to life! I do like that water is considered a nutrient with a daily goal, but the logging just isn't super seamless. As someone coming from MFP, I liked how easy it was to track water with them. It's even a fast-add option on my Garmin Connect app.

    I get that we can just add 'tap water' to our log, but it feels clunky. Will a 'water' button ever get added to the 'add' menu or will we forever be stuck with just favoriting tap water?

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    Really though... why in the world is this not a thing???? I don't get it.
    I'm seeing a nutritionist and would love to be able to have her see everything I'm consuming - including water intake. It matters just as much as food nutrition, so why hasn't it been added?

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    Shouldn’t this be the best place to ask? I don’t see any response from Cronometer employees…. Maybe we need more likes or activity to get some attention?

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    @DJE80 - For what it's worth, I'm a registered dietitian nutritionist as well and would LOVE to use this more with my people. Remove the barriers to tracking!

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    hey y'all appreciate the excitement around Water Tracking!

    We are currently working on Beta Water Tracking Feature and we'd love to get your feedback! For those of you who indicated interest above, someone will reach out shortly to grant you access to our beta group. Aiming to push out a refreshed build within the week with our Water Tracking feature enabled.

    In the meantime, wanted to say you can currently view and track water the same as any other of our 82+ micronutrients, set target, track progress and/or view as a highlighted nutrient.

    However, we recognize this doesn't meet everyone's needs and actively working on a better solution, so interested in hearing your feedback regarding what you want!

    Brendan Benson
    As always, any and all postings here are covered by our T&Cs:

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    Yes! This would be amazing! I am pregnant and being able to easily see my water intake would be amazingly helpful!

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    @BrendanB count me in!

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    Is anyone else doing the water tracking beta test?

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    Here are some screenshots in

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    edited October 2023

    My thoughts: first, thank you Cronometer team for listening to us!

    I think what I’d prefer is that water be akin to a “meal category” (i.e. uncategorized, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks) on the main diary page.

    Currently, when you add water, you have to change your total water consumption. My preference would be to add a cup/liter, etc.

    My approach in the beta is to add my first water in the morning and leave it “uncategorized” and edit it through the day as I drink more water.

    Would like to hear/read your thoughts.

    Again, thanks for listening!

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    I stand corrected. When you click the add water button, it will open the dialog window to add another entry to your diary.

    So, you may end up with water entries under several meals/categories.

    I still would prefer to see water as a standalone on the diary page.

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    I'm not sure where water is in the beta process. I have used a diary group for water alone so I can keep track throughout the day. One thing to consider is all waters are different so we want to enter the water we are actually drinking: RO vs spring water vs high pH etc.

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    Hi there. I just joined chronometer and the one thing I find bulky and almost hidden is water tracking. I found this stream in the forum and wondering where things are at with the beta trial and adding better water tracking to the platform. Please advise status of this. If beta testing is still ongoing, I would love to be a part of it!!

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