How to synchronize only completed day

How to synchronize only completed day

How can I synch to Apple health only completed day?


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    Hi Carnivore_yogi9,

    Marking a day complete in Cronometer locks that day, preventing any changes from being made. To sync data from Apple Health, first use the menu in the diary to mark your day incomplete. This allows you to make changes again, like importing your data. Then use the menu to mark you day complete when you're finished.

    We don't communicate with Apple Health which days are complete or not to pass along the data - thanks for the suggestion!


    Karen Stark
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    So that means, if I leave unlogged days as incomplete, Apple health will still take it to account as “zero” to calculate average? I check monthly average in apple health, if incomplete days are logged as “0” value, average won’t be accurate.

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