Apple health not syncing

Today, apple health stopped transferring over data to the app. No weight, heart rate, etc. running latest iOS and latest app.


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    Hi there,

    We're so sorry to hear that Apple Health is no longer syncing! Could you please try the following troubleshooting steps:

    Open the Cronometer app
    Go to the Settings tab
    Scroll down to disconnect Apple Health
    Open the Apple Health app
    Tap on your profile in the top right-hand corner (Your initials)
    Select Apps
    Tap on Cronometer
    Turn All Categories Off and back On
    Reconnect Cronometer using the steps listed here.

    Would you mind letting us know the following:

    Do you have any third-party apps connected to Apple Health?
    Do you use an Apple Watch?
    Do you have any other Devices connected to Cronometer?
    Do you use the mobile app exclusively, or do you also use the Cronometer website?
    What version number of Cronometer are you using (listed at the bottom of the Cronometer settings tab)
    If your Apple Watch data isn't syncing, can you send us a screenshot of the Apple Health > Browse tab > Activity that includes your summary for today?


    Karen Stark
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    I'm having this issue too. I'm using the beta version, v3.5.9. I made a post about this issue in the Beta section because I thought it was specific to that version, but I guess not...

    I disconnected and reconnected Apple Health, restarted my phone, etc.

    Cronometer still will write data to Apple Health, such as nutritional info, as shown in the attached image. However, it will not read info from Apple Health, such as weight, body fat %, or activity information.

    I use both the app and the website. I do use an Apple Watch. No other devices are connected to Cronometer. The only third party app that connects to Apple Health is Renpho, my scale app. This writes my weight and body fat information to Apple Health, which previously had no issue with carrying over to Cronometer.

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