Macros by meal/group and food amounts

OK, I'm new, so maybe this has been covered, but, here goes :)

  1. Can I get a macro breakdown by meal? I love the details for the whole day but would laso like to see fat, carbs and protein for each meal.
  2. Some foods have strange measures. As an example, I looked at Almond Breeze Almond and Coconut Milk blend and the only choice for measure is 240ml. My recipe used 1 tablespoon! Since a tablespoon is 15ml, I put in .0625 for the unit, which is 1/16. This is very awkward! Is it possible to create other amounts for foods?


  • Hi @Captain_Ron,

    1. As a Gold User, you can access the "Diary Groups" function in the "Diary" section. Click on the "Settings" Button in the top right corner of "Diary" and select "Diary Settings". Once inside the settings menu, select "Show Groups in Diary" and click OK. Now you will be able to sort your foods into meals! You can view the breakdown of each meal by clicking on the title of each group!
      If you would like a more detailed breakdown of this information, feel free to read through the section on Diary Groups in our user guide at

    2. To add a new measure, save a copy of your food and in the saved copy add your new measure to the list of measurements using the green "+" symbol. To learn more about serving sizes, see our user manual here

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  • Thanks for the welcome!

    1. I have my groups set for my meals. Where do I see the macro breakdown for a meal? In either the iPad or iPhone app nothing happens when I touch the group title except that group is selected, and on the web site if I touch a group title the items in the group are highlighted, but I don’t see anywhere to see the macros for that group.

    2. So, for every food that I find in the database with limited measurement selections I have to copy it to my foods?

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    1. On your diary page swipe the meal header to the right and select the blue Gear icon. Select "Show Nutrition Summary" to find the Macronutrient values for that meal.
    2. Unfortunately yes. As of right now we support only grams as a multiple serving size unit. If you are using grams as your serving measure, however, the entries with the best data all include multiple gram serving sizes. For your brand-name foods without an NCCDB or USDA entry if a convenient serving size is not listed then, yes you will have to create a custom food for yourself by copying and saving the entry. To make it easier to find these copied entries, mark them as a favourite!

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  • Thanks... That’s unfortunate.

  • As I dig into the apps, I am finding that there are a lot of features that are either not intuitive or missing. I don’t see a way to mark foods as favorites in the iPad app, and I marked some using the web site and don’t see how to access them in the app.

    I use the IOS apps 99% of the time, so having to go to the web site to use a lot of the features is not going to work. Please help me understand the differences between the apps and the web page. Also, is there a user’s manual for the IOS apps? The one that you have linked to so far is web site centric.

  • @Captain_Ron , marking favorites is a very new feature that we have only recently released. It has only been released on the web version and the Android version. We hope to have it out on the iOS version soon. We have a number of Videos out with information about the mobile app, and have a new video up outlining the iOS redesign

    The apps have been undergoing quite a few changes recently both visually and functionally so some of the information you will find in our user manual might not look exactly the same. I encourage you to keep asking questions on the forums so that other users can find out about exciting new features as well! We have released a couple of blog postings recently as well outlining some new features in the recent upgrades

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