Upgraded to gold on PC but app on phone hasn't...

Hello and happy New Year,
I have used cronometer on laptop and phone for a little while and upgraded to gold on my laptop today but my phone app hasn't... do I uninstall and reinstall / something else???

Thank you


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    Hi Bluebell97,

    Could you send us an email at support@cronometer.com ?

    It might be that you've got more than one account. Our support team will help you look into it :)

    Karen Stark
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    edited February 2021

    I opened cronometer on my laptop yesterday and on my iphone today. Since I didn't like the adds distracting me and misleading me I upgraded on my phone app. Why did't it upgrade my laptop? I signed out of the laptop and resigned in and it still hadn't updated. ......OK I've come back to let you know that it updated the laptop version 2 minutes before I wrote this so all is good now.

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