How to Automatically Add Biometics and Supplement Group Entries to a new day

I track 4 items in the Biometrics group and 4 in Supplements - every day. It would be nice if these were automatically added under these Groups when a new day opens. I know I can copy previous days but then I have to edit out the previous days nutritional entries. Perhaps you could add a Previous Groups menu item where we could check the Groups we want to copy over to the new day.


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    Good suggestion SteveB. Having the items entered in your diary each day so you remember to log them and only need to update the values would be a great time saver!

    You can do that the other way around, copy the group or multi-select items that you would like to copy from a day, then paste the in a new day.
    You can clear amounts to zero out the pasted values, if you like too.

    Karen Stark
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