Is it planned to support european food databases as well?


is it planned to support european food databases as well?

I know many people in Europe (Germany, Austria,...) which are using the app and it is very hard for us to work with the American/Canadian food databases.

Looking forward to hear from you :)



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  • Hi Patrick,

    We have some data from both the UK and the Netherlands. This is mainly for whole foods and meals rather than packaged food products though. We do have plans to add more packaged food products as well! We are working on adding new foods everyday!


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    Brand new user based in the uk and have used MFP for a long, long time. For my first meal today the app was only able to recognise one item (mayonnaise). The meal included Filippo Berio extra virgin olive oil (the UK's largest selling EVOO), and it was not recognised. I have manually entered it, but if the most popular brand is not recognised by your DB, then I don't think it's sustainable for me to enter everything that I eat going forwards

    So, sadly for me, I will go back to using MFP until your DB is much improved. However, given this question has been asked many times in this forum I doubt that it's going to happen anytime soon.

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