Why is vitamin A zero for this multivitamin?

I take Naturelo One Daily for men, on the label it says "1000 mcg RAE" for Vitamin A, but the database item says 0. Screenshot attached.

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    I guess I just don't know enough about this. What is mcg RAE?

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    There are different types of nutrients that we can make vitamin A from, including beta-carotene, alpha-carotene and beta-cryptoxanthin. These are converted to vitamin A when needed.

    We calculate how much vitamin A each one can make and add that to pre-formed vitamin A to get total vitamin A, called Retinol Activity Equivalents (RAE).

    Total vitamin A is also shown in International Units (IU), though these units have been phased out in favour of RAE.

    TLDR; mcg RAE = micrograms Retinol Activity Equivalents = total vitamin A

    Karen Stark
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