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Hi All,

I just updated to the new app (didn't know the old one was legacy until I went to put it on my iPad) and have realised that the data is displaying differently on my iPhone compared to the online version.

  • The 'Balance - Calorie Deficit' online is saying -297 (based on 1543 cals consumed and 1761 cals burned).

  • The 'Balance - Caloric Deficit' on the app is saying 297 (based on 1543 cals consumed and 1761 cals burned) without the minus.

I'm assuming this is in reference to how many calories I can consume to balance with the number of calories burned (i.e. maintenance). Yet it still doesn't make sense as to why this figure is a negative online and a positive on the app (when almost the exact same language is used)?

I saw on a screen shot from what I'm assuming is a previous version of the app that it said 'remaining' under this graph, but it says 'balance' for me.

  • I have recorded my current and goal weights to calculate my BMR, and have linked it to Apple Health to track caloric expenditure.


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    Good point @sicahjes
    We can make the web and mobile consistent when communicating whether you have calories remaining or have gone over the calories estimated for maintenance.

    The term balance is shown when you have selected not to show your weight goal in your diary. If you have shown your weight goal, then it is called your budget instead. You can change this by going to: Settings > Targets > Weight Goal.

    Karen Stark
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    Thanks @Karen_Cronometer, consistency is good - the difference confused me. It's not possible to have different goals on the app compared to the online version, right? It might just be me, but I need clearer language if a negative is going to be used (i.e. negative of what).

    To clarify, is this the amount you have left:

    No weight loss goal: the amount of calories you would need to break even with your calories once expenditure is taken into account - i.e. the deficit?

    Weight loss goal: how many calories I have left to consume if I wish to maintain the weight loss goal (presumably based on a deficit calculated by Cronometer)?

    I have been using it without the goal, as I don't want to see or be reminded of my weight every day, and just aim to have a deficit (it's linked to Apple Health). If i didn't have to see my weight and it would just show my allowable calories I might opt for that

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