Scraping the Best Bits of Oura Recovery Data into Cronometer

I'm an ultrarunner and each day I find four fields that the Oura ring provides to be invaluable. Today I manually check these values. I find them easy to pull through Oura's REST API. It would be amazing if I could automate the insertion of these fields into cronometer. Is there any plans for custom biometric insertion through an API or other means?

  1. AVG HRV
  2. Lowest RHR
  3. AVG Body Temperature
  4. AVG Respiration Rate

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    @mikeysklar We do not currently sync with Oura ring, although Syncing it is definitely something that could happen in the future, so thank you for the suggestion!

    We do sync with Apple Health so if you have an iphone there could be a bit of a workaround for some values but unfortunately for the specific fields you are requesting you will have to create custom Biometrics and add separately. The Oura Help Webpage (https://help.ouraring.com/about-the-oura-app/oura-app-for-ios) indicates:

    "You can share your sleep periods, lowest resting heart rate and activity calories with Apple's Health app. By allowing ŌURA to read your personal data (sex, age, weight, height) from the Health app, you can make sure your personal data is up-to-date. To connect with the Health app, go to the app settings and select Connect with Health."

    You can then Connect Apple Health to Cronometer by selecting the profile tab at the bottom right of your Cronometer App on iOS and select sync with apple health. Make sure you allow the permissions so that Cronometer will Sync Correctly.

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    Thanks Hilary. I had been pulling some bits of data through Apple Health. I'm glad you mentioned the custom biometrics options with cronometer as I can use that for now. It's manual, but it gets me where I need to be. Thank you.

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