Does Polar still sync with Cronometer?

My Polar device is linked, but Cronometer doesn't appear as a partner in Polar Flow. There doesn't seem to be any way to permission it on the Polar side.


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    Yes Polar does sync with Cronometer. Once connected, you can usually find Cronometer listed in your Polar account by going to Settings, then Partners.

    Is your activity data from Polar being imported into your Cronometer account?

    If not, you can try unlinking Polar from your Cronometer account, then linking again to reset the connection. If you're still running into issues send us an email to: support@cronometer.com


    Karen Stark
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    Cronometer is not listed as a polar partner, not even on the expanded "all partners" list. BUT, when I set my cron activity level to none, it did sync anyway. Don't know if that was cause and effect or a coincidence. Looks like signing into my Polar account from within Cronometer was enough of a connection.

    In any case, it works. Thank you for the follow up.

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