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I'm new to the app and website and generally really enjoying. My question regards the Garmin connect activities.

Cronometer imports the entire calories for an activity. For example my session today has been imported as -716 Calories. However this is made up of both Active and resting calories, the resting already being accounted for in my RHR. For example only 645 of the calories today were active, and the other 71 resting.

Garmin then imports a 'Daily Activity' line which adds any further activity i have done just walking around in my day to day life.

If i had done (for eg) 100 calories extra activity, this correctly imports 29 calories, which is the 100 i did minus the 71 resting part from the activity.

However, if i do less than the 71 accounted for already in the activity, i would want the 'Daily activity' to really be a minus number, but it seems to just stay at 0. (this is basically every day at the moment as I am locked down where we are and only allowed that one exercise a day)

Could you confirm how it is best to deal with this? I have just been doing a lot of manual adjustment and sums as things stand, but assume there is a way to just get everything from Garmin? or only the active number and not activities?

Sorry this is not very succinct; i have found it hard to make it all make sense. It may still not!

kind regards


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    I'm surprised it's been three years with no response to this. I just started using Cronometer and noticed this issue right away.

    Today, Garmin has figured 2,617 kcal activate, 501 kcal resting, and 3,118 kcal total.

    However, Cronometer pulled in the whole 3,118 kcal.

    So now Cronometer would have overshoot me my goal by 501 kcal.

    Can anyone from the Cronometer team comment on this?

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