Automated Export of Calories

Hi Everyone,

First time posting. Coming towards the end of the month will be nearing the end of my annual gold subscription. I am very happy with cronometer, but I am trying to see if it's possible to get automated pushing of my daily calories consumed to a google sheet. I found that there is a nice .csv download with this information that I can copy into google sheets, but I would like for this to be done for me automatically. Similarly to how my wireless scale automatically pushes my weight and estimated body fat percentage to a google sheet.

I know this should be possible with some coding (web crawling), but unsure about this area. Cronometer's ToS isn't clear if this is not allowed. I do not have a lot of experience in this area, but if this is possible and within ToS, I would look to upwork or another site and hire someone to write me this code.

If you have experience doing this, or are an admin that can shed some light if this would be allowed. I only want my own data for my own account (although not even sure if I own the data).

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