Create multiple "profiles" for professionals

I am a personal trainer, and I use cronometer to help my clients reach their goals. Sometimes, I offer to log all their food for them and plan it all for a fee, but this becomes really difficult with one account or having to sign in/out all the time.

IDEA: It would be AWESOME if you could have multiple profiles each with their own diary for professionals using this app to track clients' macros and micros for them.


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    We have this available with a subscription to Cronometer Pro! Check it out here: https://cronometer.com/#pro

    You can set up an internal profile if you're doing all the tracking and you don't plan for your client to access the information, or for example institutions using Cronometer to track pediatric patients use this option. You can always add an email address to the account to allow them to access the account if they want to continue on using it.

    You can also add clients who are already using Cronometer so you can access their account to help them track, leave notes, help with setting targets, meal planning, etc.

    Karen Stark
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