Forum search still sucks

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I was wondering if there's a way to simply add calories, e.g. when you eat out and estimate them. So I searched for "quick add calories". This is what I got:

Google returns far better results:

I don't think there's any nice way of saying this, other than that Vanilla's search still isn't that good. I pointed that out 6 years ago, and search results are still much inferior to Discourse.

This has lead to users repeatedly asking the same question, for years, as in the example above. It has also apparently led to the team having difficulty realizing just how many requests have been made for features like Quick Add. None of those threads link to one existing thread to consolidate and centralize the discussion. Only now have I done that, but that's really not how things should work.

Does the team see any other options than these?

  1. Switch the search to a Google site: search
  2. Migrate to Discourse. It's superior to Vanilla in every aspect, and also suggests similar topics without users having to search explicitly (which as moderators, we know they don't always do).
  3. Hope Vanilla improves it (I did see they fixed the search not indexing, so it doesn't look like an instance issue, but rather a systemic one, hence "hope")
  4. Give up and have more and more ever-repeating topics.
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