Browser tab freezing on charts

I'm about 75% a desktop browser user and 25% phone app. I have noticed the last couple of weeks that often when I browse to the charts page and change the time range, the entire page locks up. The tab in chrome will no longer scroll and is completely unresponsive. If I refresh the page it comes back but usually freezes again within a few seconds. After a few refreshes it seems to be ok again. I'm on Windows 10 build 19041.746, Chrome 87.0.4280.141, and privacy badger & ublock origin extensions.


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    Also just to add, I realized I had one of my charts set to "All time" which has data running back to 2015. So perhaps that was causing issues (though it shouldn't in my opinion). I'll report back if the issue goes away after setting that back to a few weeks instad.

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