Interface with Strava?

I really like Cronometer, just started using it. Much more attuned to what I am looking for.

Basically everything I output from with workout data connects to Strava, and for the most part I like the program.

I have put in at least 12 hours trying to get these programs to talk.

My service cases with both companies seem to skirt my question "is this a working interface".

I use PC, older ipad and fairly new IPhone.

I have 4 questions.

1) Does anyone have working communication between these two programs?
2) Are there any clues about doing this other than log off and reset interface that have been helpful to make this happen?
3) Do I need to do anything to export from strava or import to cronometer per activity?
3) Are there alternate programs I should be looking at that are working?

Really Appreciate any help you can give me.


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    Hi there,

    Cronometer does connect with Strava, It only imports running and cycling workouts though; we don't have data on other types of activities recorded in Strava, including data imported from third-party apps.

    What data are you hoping to import and which other apps/devices are you are using? You might have better luck importing the data to Cronometer via Apple Health on the mobile app on your iPhone.

    Karen Stark
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    I am hoping but not expecting being able to export import from concept2 rower.

    I have 2 walks on my strava account, not seen them. I have logged off and on and reintegrated several times.

    should a walk export/import?

    under settings privacy health on iPhone I have Cronometer which I have enabled all but no strava.

    can you help with this? I love and have purchased both subscriptions.

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    I also use zwift.

    thank you

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