EGG YOLK: Iodine and selenium are found in the yolk

Could you, please, correct the nutrient data of egg yolk. Today I listed two (large) egg yolks and one full egg in my dairy. Only the one full egg got the iodine 'credit' and nothing for the 2 egg yolks. In fact, it is the yolk (yellow part) that contains this very important element. My end result shows zero iodine for the 2 egg yolk. Should be 2x24mcg/ 32% daily value.
Fact: A large egg's YOLK has 24 mcg of iodine, which is 16% of the daily value.
So i should have 48% iodine in my food list for today, but it shows only 16% total value, which is only 24 mcg. I had 3x of that today: in 2 egg yolks and 1 full egg. Again, the iodine is in the yolk, not the white part.
Please, correct the YOLK's nutrient data. Add 24 mcg iodine for a large yolk, which is 16% daily value.
Thanks, Margo


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