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On the Diary page of Cronometer, below the calendar, is a graph of calories consumed for up to the past 8 weeks. If someone is on a diet, and they stray from that diet say once a week, is there a way to block those "off-days" from showing on that graph?


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    Hi Starchivore,

    You can't exclude days on that little chart on the diary page.

    Though you can exlcude empty days, or if you mark days complete in your diary, you can view only completed days in the Calories Consume chart in the Charts tab. Use the drop-down list shown here:

    Karen Stark
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    edited February 2021

    Yes. On the Trend Charts page, one can specify the creation of a chart to show the Non-Empty Days, Completed Days and All Days. The chart on the Diary page clearly intends to show Consumed AND Completed days. How so? The options that you have for that chart are: Consumed/Burned/Net/Combined. Why would someone want to chart a non-completed day. If a day is non-complete, the data is not meaningful, as it shows the person wasn't careful in maintaining a log of what they consumed. The way that it is set up now is that the user is forced to chart the non-completed days, which does not give an accurate representation of calories consumed. Of what value is a chart of incomplete data? What sort of conclusion is one supposed to draw looking at such a chart? GIGO - a computer term, "Garbage in, Garbage Out". The chart on the Diary page should show Consumed AND Completed Days.

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