Feature Request: Fast durations based on diary entries

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I have a daily 18-6 fast configured for repeat. However, it may vary an hour or two (or more) depending on what's happening each day. At the moment, I am manually editing the historic fast to align to the actual duration. I track the fasts for a historical data trend perspective and believe the act of configuring a fast doesn't add much value when it could all be derived from the food diary times.

**It would be nice if Cronometer could compute fast durations based on the food times entered in the diary. **


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    Yes this would be great. Basically start the fast ad a "food" entry. When the day closes out have it save and if it hits midnight start the next day with a fasting entry.

    It would be great if you could see a plot of time frames you weren't eating, even if you didn't mark as a dedicated fast. Allow sleep start and end time markers and maybe overly with the calories consumed at different times and you would have a hell of a dataset to analyze your habits and trends.

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    This would be an ace feature!

    Or even if I didn't have to schedule a fast, rather than hit a button to say "Started fasting." (But shout if I've missed something and I -could- hit 'start fasting' rather than scheduling...)

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    @t0rie If you are using the website, you can click the New Fast button on the left side of the screen. Enter a name and click Add Fast to start it.

    On the mobile app, there's a start button in the top banner of the diary screen. Swipe the banner to the left until you reach the Fasting screen. Hit the Play button to start a fast immediately. It's 16 hours by default and you can hit the stop button to end it any time before that, or edit the end time to extend your fast.

    I hope that's a little quicker for you!

    Karen Stark
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    @Karen_Cronometer Oh that's great!! Thanks so much. I'm still learning - sorry!! :)

    (But I still like the idea of Cronometer calculating the fast from the last food entry until the next one....)

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    As long as it's not a default action, because I enter most foods well in advance of consumption, such as a planned dinner several days in advance or weekly lunches.

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    @N5S_Matter I agree. Preferably it would be an option in your profile. (also, that's some impressive meal planning)

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