Raw Corn Bran - S.O.S.

I've looked high and low for a retail seller of raw corn bran. Corn bran has 2X the fiber of wheat bran and 5X the fiber of oat bran, gram for gram. Corn bran (97%) and wheat bran (92%) is mostly insoluble fiber. Oat bran is 47% soluble fiber. For some reason, no one is selling this source of fiber in the U.S. at retail. There had been one seller of it on Amazon a few years ago, but they stopped for some reason.

I've contacted dozens of health food stores and health co-ops across the U.S. It's not sold by anyone! I've contacted millers and international agri-businesses located in the U.S. They will sell you corn bran, but only in minimum orders of 2000 pounds!

If it's available in Canada, I have no problem importing it from that country or any other country if the product is food-grade and in no more than a 5-pound bag. It's also manufactured for animal feed, which is not meant for human consumption.

If I can't find this product after months of searching, I don't imagine anyone on Cronometer is using it, but it doesn't hurt to ask.


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