Read a screenshot of nutrition information to create custom food automatically using OCR

Hi there!

I’ve really been aching for a way to improve the process of importing my recipes or home cooked foods for a few years now. Recently, I started using Whisk, and they calculate nutrition information for each recipe using the USDA database. I realize this is probably a rough guess, but it’s good enough for me. What I’m wondering is - if an API connection is too challenging to implement - could you allow the OCR reader to be available anytime you create a custom food, not just after you scan a barcode that’s missing in the database, and make it so you can choose a photo from your photo library? This would be so much easier for me and gets the information I really need, which is calorie and nutrient details, into Cronometer. I could totally live without recipe import if I could use OCR like this.

Here’s an example of what a screenshot from Whisk looks like with detailed nutrition information - any chance this might be a little more doable for the team to implement than a true integration? I know the team is small but I keep giving up on this app because I cook almost everything I eat and it’s really overwhelming trying to manually enter every ingredient to get it into Cronometer.


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