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Hello guys,

I need your support. I got a Fitbit bracelet and synced it with Cronometer app. Moreover i am a little bit confused about the activities which appear on the app and not sure how these are converted into it.

please find attached 2 pictures from yesterday; it shows that I burned ~2100 kcal in Fitbit but Cronometer shows 3 lines: 1) my workout 164 kcal 2)fitbit activity 26 kcal and 3)fitbit activity 528 kcal.

does anyone can explain how does Cronometer convert the kcals or how does these activities are split into Cronometer?

thank you for your help!

kind regards



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    Burned breakdown:
    Exercise - the smaller part (yellow/orange color)
    BMR - the bigger part (purple/pink color)

    If you are on a computer, you can highlight over the different parts and a popup will tell you what that part represents.

    If you are on the android app, you can tap on the Burned circle and a popup will tell you what the colors mean and their corresponding calorie breakdowns.

    I've noticed a difference of calories burned between Fitbit and cronometer as well. It's almost always because of the food entries but for me it's usually only off by single digits.

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    Hello Zyvi,

    Thank you for your reply.

    I can see that it is a difference of calories burned between Fitbit and Cronometer. For the below case:
    Fitbit was showing 2.107 cal burned and
    Cronometer 718 cal burned

    Do you know why is this huge difference?

    Thank you
    kind regards

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    Hi Mona,

    Cronometer imports calories burned from exercises and activities from Fitbit (718 kcal), and keeps our calculation for calories burned from BMR. Fitbit may use a different calculation to estimate your BMR than we do and that could account for the small difference between total calories burned between the two. Your total calories burned in Cronometer is 2158 and your Fitbit screenshot shows 2107.

    Does that make more sense?

    Karen Stark
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    Karen doesn't this also have to do with the time of synchronization? I've observed small changes made to total burn even after midnight, probably subsequent to a post midnight sync with Fitbit.

    As to BMR, n=1 calculations show both Fitbit and Cronometer as using Mifflin, no?

    If Cronometer is injecting own BMR for non activity, are you using BMR * 1.0 like Fitbit appears to or are you using a multiplier? AFAIK the compendium for physical activities has most lying down and (definitely) sitting activities at above BMR 1.0, though sleeping is at 0.95.

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