Couple of questions, meal groups & custom foods.

Question #1

Why are some of my personal food entries listed as 'custom' with white letters and others as 'custom food' with red letters.


Question #2

I try to allocate my dinner recipes into the dinner group, and all others into breakfast, but the app does not remember my choices.

Am i using it wrong? I dont want to see my dinner recipes anywhere else than in my dinner group.

Screenshot of a dinner recipe that ive numerous times have added to dinner group.


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    Hi there,

    Some of the custom items that you haven't used for a while might appear grey instead of coloured in order to maximize the speed of displaying your list. If you use them again, do they appear coloured next time? Custom Recipes are blue and Custom Foods are red.

    For question #2 Cronometer does not default the diary group to the one you last entered that food. You can select + sign next to your dinner group in the diary to add foods to that group directly, or use the drop-down list next to group shown in your screenshot above. to select the group you would like to add it to. I hope that helps!

    Karen Stark
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