Deleting weight entries?

I was trying to enter the weight I started, but had already entered my current weight. Now my weight chart is all kinds of crazy looking! Is there a way to delete entries?


  • Hi Stacy,

    Check out which dates the weights were logged on your charts, then visit those days in your diary and delete the weights that are incorrect.

    On the website, click the item and hit the delete key to remove it.

    On the mobile app, swipe the entry to the left to delete it, or swipe to the right, tap the menu on the left and select delete.

    Karen Stark
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  • Unfortunately, in my case, it was a Fitbit import (typo of 30 pounds too much) and neither of your solutions above will delete. There is no delete option on the menu on the mobile app for this entry, it won't swipe left; and, it won't delete using the delete key on the website. (I'm on a Macbook Air.). How does one delete the Fitbit import, please?

  • Hi MillieMurray,

    Hmm that doesn't sound like expected behaviour. Is there any chance you had previously marked the day complete? In that case you would have to use the diary menu to mark the day incomplete in order to delete any items from the day.

    Otherwise, do you see a pop-up on the website when you click on the weight entry and hit the delete key, like this:

    Are you able to delete other items from your diary, or is it only the Fitbit entries that can't be deleted? Let me know any other details you can think of and I'll continue to investigate :)

    Karen Stark
    As always, any and all postings here are covered by our T&Cs:

  • Karen, I actually had marked the day complete. That was it! I reverted it to incomplete and changed the inaccurate weight to the accurate weight and my problem is solved!

    Thank you so much for your help!

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