Would be really great if there could be a third gender added, non-binary, or even just “other.”


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    Hi Harrison,

    We don't currently offer gender settings in your Cronometer profile; this would be a great way to make Cronometer a more inclusive app.

    We use the 'sex' in your profile to estimate your energy expenditure. We'll look into updated guidelines for estimating energy expenditure for a wider range of genders. Cheers!

    Karen Stark
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    Thanks, Karen! It would be really helpful.

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    I understand how referring to somone as non-binary is like a good thing but how does non-binary effect BMR?

    Would it not be better to have an option for perceived and biological gender?

    p.s in transgender myself,

    Live Well,


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    Hey there! I think it’s great to have options. My only point was that the gender binary is outdated and I think it would be great if the app was up to date and current in regards to recognizing that.

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    I can see the point of this in principle, but beyond helping gender dysphoric people feel better it could actually be counterproductive unless gender and sex are offered as separate options. The only reason biological sex is used in the app is because it affects the targets automatically set, and this will be applicable regardless of whether someone is nonbinary - if someone is AFAB then their biology will be, on average, much more similar to a woman. It probably gets more complicated for trans people who are taking hormones as this may affect their metabolism (I'm not sure whether there is research on this, though, so I'm speculating!), so it might be good if there was an option to take that into account, but that might get complicated!
    (I am nonbinary AFAB, btw)

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