Quick add calories not showing up on charts

So, when you log the quick add calories to your day they're not included in the calories consumed graph. More specifically, they are included on the one that's shown under the Diary tab on the website, but when you go to Trends -> Calories Consumed (both web and app) then they're not included in your total calories. For example, say you had 1500 kcal total and 500 of those were the "Quick Add, Calorie" then the graph shows you had 1000 calories that day as opposed to the actual 1500. If all your entries are the quick add type then it's as if you've had 0. However, they are tracked correctly in the Nutrition Report so I hope this is just an oversight with the recent implementation of the Quick Add entries and it'll be fixed soon because otherwise it renders the Calories Consumed overviews incorrect and useless.


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