Coffee/Water Logging - Does it really matter?

Good day Cronometer-ists, -ologists, -ians ..

Just joined and loving it so far. Thank you all for the great comparison posts without which I would have gone for the shinier app with way less info.

I do have one question though. I track my coffee, water (and smoothies) through WaterMinder. Super easy with a watch. Touch, select, boom. Keeps me on track and I don't need my phone.

I don't REALLY want to log this twice. I understand that there are many threads about adding this feature or having CM read Apple Health and the conversation isn't over yet. But if I don't log water and the 4X2.7 cal black coffees that I drink in a day will it really have that much impact on my data? I understand that I should track my smoothies in CM for the nutrition details but what does it matter if I don't track my water and coffee on a bigger picture nutrition level? I guess the obvious answer here is caffeine.

Thanks so much for your time and support.


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    ive been using cronometer very meticulously for a while and i dont track water or caffeine (although maybe i should be tracking caffeine). you can turn off the options to track those. especially water, just drink a lot and youll be fine lol

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