I don't want to sound rude but...

When/How often do updates occur? I've been here since may or so and to me it seems like nothing changed since then (correct me if I'm wrong). So yea...can we expect some updates anytime soon? There are so nice requests/ideas out there - I'd really like to see some of them implemented. :D

Have a good day


  • Hi @Dark ,
    We are constantly updating the both the Web and Mobile versions of Cronometer. We take all suggestions posted here on our forums and through our help Desk under review. We have a very long list, and you might not always be able to see obviously the new updates as some are specific to Pro or Gold Versions, or either Android or iOS specifically. There have been some massive changes to the iOS user interface and less obvious but still notable changes in the Android, as well as many improvements specific to the needs of Pros using the Pro Version for their respective health practices.
    Take a look at these two blog posts which will hopefully shed some more light on the improvements we have seen over the summer.

    As always, any and all postings here are covered by our T&Cs:

  • Hm so the recently added features are more for the goldmembers. I see.
    Bummer :p
    But hey its still a pretty great site for us non-paying users - so I cant complain much.

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