Explain kcal deficit to me

Why does a it say I am over if I have only had 768 cals so far?? Help me to understand! Right now I am sedentary as I am not cleared to work out again til next week


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    Hi there Vlr,

    It looks like you've got a weight loss goal selected in your settings. This is subtracting 998 kcal from your 'Burned' value to help you achieve your goal. The budget is calculated as calories burned - consumed +/- weight goal. 1584 kcal burned - 768 kcal consumed - 998 kcal deficit
    means you're over budget by about 182 kcal to reach that goal though still well under your calories burned i.e. in a deficit.

    You can turn off the weight goal by going to: Settings > Targets > Weight Goal. Turn off the switch next to 'Show Weight Goal', or choose another option from the Weight Goal Timeline. Each increment is a difference of about 250 kcal.

    Karen Stark
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