Include more international food databases to expand the choice of foods available

I cook a lot of food from around the world, as well as some relatively obscure foods which are more popular in other countries, and have found quite a few items I use don't exist in the databases currently used, or only exist in very limited forms (e.g. only minimal nutritional information). Many countries publish their own nutritional databases, so much of this information is available if you look for it (e.g. the Japanese food composition database is here: https://www.mext.go.jp/en/policy/science_technology/policy/title01/detail01/1374030.htm).

At the moment I sometimes manually access these databases or other sources, and create custom foods, but it would be brilliant if more of these items were already included so I didn't have to do this as it can be rather tedious, and only worth doing for foods I eat regularly.

This would also open up your app to a wider international market, so probably makes good sense from a business point of view too!


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