Keto for Cancer

I'm using Cronometer to do a special keto diet for my husband diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor, I'm not tech-savvy and a slow learner in nutrition. I would love any help or leads with working with someone to create meals for him. Any suggestions?


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    Can I correct you? There is a diet for prevention and a diet for treating cancer. But it's not keto. If you want a keto diet for your husband, see your doctor. Keto allows you to get into ketosis - when fats are converted to energy instead of carbohydrates. But you can't stay in this state all the time because the symptoms of ketoacidosis occur. It is also impossible not to eat carbohydrates because the liver will produce new cells and damage existing cells. But once new cells start to appear, there is a chance of cancer cells in other organs being affected. The brain needs sugar because this carbohydrate is insulin-independent. When you watch the rm models, you realize that the brain needs these cells despite cancer.

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