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I don't know if I agree with what has been said regarding protein amounts needed, as far as I am aware from a leading Heart specialist vegetarians and animals get their protein from plants. Cattle Sheep etc don't have protein themselves they get it from the grass and plants they eat. The strongest animals in the planet the elephants and the gorilla's and in roman times the gladiators were and are vegetarians. Protein requirements I understand from the many doctors who support a WFPB diet state there has never been anyone who has suffered from a deficiency in protein and that you don't need a lot of vegetable to sustain your daily requirements. Everyone choice I know and I originally thought big chunks of steak were the only source of protein available.


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    When I discuss protein, I always emphasize that there is a big difference between deficiency and optimization. Provided someone is consuming enough calories, protein deficiency won't really occur. That said, it's possible that a low protein intake may not provide all needed amino acids or make it challenging to get enough of the nutrients found in protein foods, such as iron and zinc.

    In addition, athletes are a population that would be considered exempt from the RDAs for protein. Depending on their sport (and where they are in their training schedule), protein needs can become quite high.

    Hope this adds some clarification!

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  • Many Thanks for your well detailed reply and help.


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