Barcode scan issues

For about the last week, I have to try scanning 3 times before the barcode image is clear enough to be scanned.


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    edited May 2021

    Like Motofi, I've noticed lately the barcode having difficulty scanning. Each scan is blurry and only after multiple attempts does it work. On occasion it never focuses and instead I have to search for the food.

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    Oh, I am Motofit! Haha!

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    Hi MotoFit,

    Your camera may have trouble focusing on the barcode if:

    • the package is dirty or particularly shiny (and there is a glare),
    • the barcode is obstructed in some way - such as on a round surface (like a can or bottle) or on an angle to the camera.
    • It also works better in a well-lit area. You may need to move the camera closer to, or farther away from the barcode, while still keeping the barcode visible in the viewfinder.

    You can search by barcode number as well, if your camera is having trouble focusing on a package.

    Karen Stark
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