Exercise calories discount factor?

Hi Team,

I'm new to this app and really am liking it. It's got the simplicity of Noom without the annoying overly-cheery vibe, and the detailed function of MFP without all the extra info bloat.

One thing I did like about Noom was that it discounted your "earned" exercise calories by 50%, reducing the chance for overestimating those, but still giving you ample chance to "eat some of them back." Is there a way in Cronometer to add a reduction multiplier to your exercise cals if they're coming in synced from another device (a garmin watch in my case)? Or, a workaround that anyone enjoys? I could just edit all the inputs down 50%, but I'm just looking for that extra touch of automation here.



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    Unfortunately no, but It's one of the many feature requests that I would love to see implemented. They're pretty slow at implementing new features. Best you can do is adjust your goal and activity level.

    I started using a Mi Band 4 for tracking activity at Christmas. It was supposed to sync with Google Fit, but that isn't happening reliably for me, so I'm manually syncing my exercise in Cronometer. This particular device seems to report exercise calories after deducting BMR calories for the time taken. I'm trying out setting my activity level to sedentary and entering exercise calories from my Mi Band as a custom 0 minute exercise.(just look at the number on the band when I'm updating something in Cronometer and update the value for the day). Each day I can go into the Mi Fit app to look up the prior day's final numbers to finalize the previous day in Cronometer.

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