Therapeutic Ketosis - Can someone check my numbers?

Hi guys and gals...

I am pretty much happy with my settings in Cronometer but wanted to make sure they are pretty much on track.

In my Settings, I'm using the BMR of Miffin St Jeor Equation. I turned my activity level off because when on AND linking to my FitBit it set my Fat goal to 250+g... Cronometer peeps said to shut it off (activity level setting) and let the linked FitBit do its thing.

Under Targets, I have Tracking Carbs: Net Carbs without Sugar. Macros are set as: Ketogenic Calculator - and that is set to Custom:

Grams of protein per kilo: 0.8
Have my carbs max set to: 12
Athletic bonus off.

With all that in place, my goals come out to:

Energy: 1830 kcal
Protein: 47g
Net carbs: 12
Fat: 177.1g

For the vets in the group, does this look pretty accurate?

Thanks for any feedback and for your time on this long post.

Kind regards,


  • @NaplesDave the sweet spot for muscle growth and maintenance when losing weight is about 1.5 grams protein per kilo of lean mass. 0.8 is a RDA bare minimum for survival. Net carbs should be between 15 to 20 grams so you can get enough fiber. That should make it easier on your GI tract and drop a little of the fat intake.

  • This is a great resource for setting your macros depending on your goals.
    Depending on your current metabolic state (the more insulin resistent you are, the lower your carb liimit should be). If you are eating some processed keto 'foods' you might be wise to limit your intake to 20 or 30 grams of total carbs. Some products contain ... shall we say.. .dubious sources of fibre and/or sugar alcohols. Different people react differently to them (i.e. digestibility and/or glucose responses) so at least to begin with if you are unsure how you react would be to keep a 20/30 total g limit to your carbs until you figure that out. If you are eating whole real foods you can likely get into and stay in ketosis by limiting your carbs to 20 net grams. YRMV.

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