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As best as I can tell much of the nutritional information on Costco's Kirkland Salmon is incorrect as it doesn't include Vitamin B12. (If you switch to the generic salmon listing, you get proper measurements). What can be done?


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    Cronometer is reliable because they only use data from reliable sources. If the label doesn't mention B12, then cronometer won't either. If you want micronutrients, you will have to use the generic.

    Unless the label does mention B12. If so, click "report an issue", and you can ask them to fix the entry.

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    Many of the foods that are included in the database do include B12, however none of the B vitamins are included in the official labeling. Where does that information come from, then?

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    Hi LynnB,

    The nutrition information for branded products comes from the nutrition label made by the manufacturer. There is a short list of nutrients that they are required to mention on the label, though that does not include B12.

    We recommend using generic alternatives from NCCDB rather than searching for brand name products. This source will list more nutrients than the nutrition label.

    Check out this article for getting more complete nutrition info using cronometer:

    Karen Stark
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