Low-Fat Quark Entry?


Can someone find a low-fat quark / skimmed quark entry that isn't from the community database? That's something a lot of people eat in huge quantities (think of all the weight lifting people), but it seems there is no proper entry - maybe I just translate it wrong. In German it's called "magerquark".


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    Hi Pascal,

    Cheese, Quark Food #10084798 from NUTTAB looks about 1.1% fat. That one comes from the Australian food database and has more nutrients listed than a branded product version.

    We have a few different options for cottage cheese in the database. Cottage cheese is similar to quark, though a bit lower protein and higher carb. You could check it out and see if it's a good match for your quark: Cottage Cheese, Nonfat Food #460789 from NCCDB.

    Karen Stark
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    Hi Pascal ,it is called fromage frais in sone countries

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    I literally had to Google quark food to understand this question. I first thought “wow, you’re trying to measure down to the subatomic particle level. That’s dedication.”

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