Changing Starting Weight

Is there a way to reset the starting weight; as opposed to it being logged as a new weight entry for the day?


  • Daizy

    You can backdate a starting weight by enter that in the past date you started with Cronometer. When you log a weight for a day, that will be used for many calculations and charts. Is that what you are looking for?

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    Frank Alvarez
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  • Hi Frank - I entered the wrong weight earlier this morning when setting up the acct. When I attempted to correct it later in the day - it logged it as a new entry - rather than overriding the previous entry - thereby, reporting it as a 'loss' when in fact it isn't. My intent is just to adjust the initial weight so that it is correct and doesn't artificially read as a loss.

  • Hi Daizy,

    In the diary, use the calendar in the sidebar to navigate to the date of the first weight you logged and you should see it in the diary. Click on the value and it will become editable so that you can correct it.

  • Hi All,

    I just started back up again on 6/21 after quite an absence. I entered my meals and then yesterday yesterday 6/22 I went into my profile and changed my weight from 170 lbs to 177 pounds. I just realized that that changes my graphs on weigh loss, so of course, now it looks like I've gained 7 lbs in 2 days! lol ( I never realized you could update your weight changes on an as wanted basis.) How do I reset my starting weight for 6/21 from 170 to 175?

  • Hi Laurent,

    You can add a weight biometric to your diary on 6/21. Click the green date bar to expand the calendar, then select June 21 to open that date in your diary page. Click Add Biometric, select weight from the drop down list, then add 175 lbs and add the measurement to your diary. You can record your weight in your diary to keep track of your progress over time.


    Karen Stark
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  • Awesome! Thanks Karen. :)

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