How to create a custom meal with macros not ingredients

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Hi! I'm new to this as of today and trying to figure out how I can add food prep meals that we order locally without guessing and adding ingredients to a recipe. The meals don't have a label on them, but they post the macros online (just protein, carbs, fat & fiber). I saw a post or two about this, but I'm still lost. edit -think i found it....Is creating a custom food the easiest way to do it?


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    Hi there,

    Yes, that's the quickest way to go about it. You can enter in the macro values when you create a custom food. You would get more nutrition information if you created a custom recipe and added each ingredient.

    Do the meals repeat? That would be another benefit of creating a custom food or recipe; it's saved to your list and you can add it again in the future.

    Karen Stark
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