Very low calorie recommendations?

My BMR in Cronometer was calculated at 1324 and to loose the minimum amount of weight (.5 lbs a week is the min setting) it calculated -249 calories under a day. So all in all I was recommended to eat 1100 calories a day. This cannot be right, can it? Seems really unsafe for people to get this recommendation.


  • Hi there,

    Something to consider when looking at how much energy you burn: your BMR is the calories your body needs to maintain basic body functions. This isn't enough to meet all your needs though. While you're awake, sitting, walking around, talking, even if you're not getting in much movement, you still burn calories above your BMR. I would recommend selecting an activity level in your profile to account for these calories burned too! Here's some descriptions for each activity level so you can choose one that is best for you:

    If your selected rate of weight loss results in a very low calorie intake, you're right to question it! To make sure you're setting yourself up for success I recommend speaking with a trained health care professional to help develop a plan that helps you meet your needs and goals. Cronometer includes some general settings for calories burned to maintain, gain or lose weight and there are a lot of factors unique to you that we don't know that a nutrition professional can take into account.

    Best of luck with your health goals!

    Karen Stark
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  • Try it for 7 days and see what happens to your weight, adjust as needed. Get rid of as much sugar as you can (all sources). Cut out as much oil/fat as you can. Using the Cronometer food dairy really helps track to see if you are making progress or not...

    I fell off the wagon last year and have put some weight back on. But, I am back on track and using the dairy to track my progress. It works for me, YMMV. And, for what it is worth. My body has no issues with less than 1000 Kcals per day.

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