Copy singular items from previous day to the next day, with a right click

Wouldn't that be nice? There's an option to duplicate the whole previous day, but I don't know how useful it is for most people. In most cases you just have a few items from the previous day, the next day, unless your diet is really monotone.


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    Hi mimik,

    Select an item in the diary, (or multiple by holding the shift key and clicking each one to select it), then right-click on the selected item(s) to Copy them.

    It sounds like you are looking for to copy and paste items in the same action? Would the following day be the best use case for you, or do you think a 'Copy to Today's Date' would be useful?

    Karen Stark
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    @Karen_Cronometer Hi Karen
    Thank you for your answer. Yes, I meant it in one action.
    I think "Copy to Today's Date" would be the most useful, because you would be able to go back to different days and just right click items and copy them to the current day. This way no copy/paste and no switching to the current day tab would be required :smiley:

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